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Science Illusion 1

Many people are puzzled while understanding science, especially the meaning of the word itself. Most of them don't even care about its meaning. To bring some clarity I bring a series of articles called science illusions. This is the first in this series, Moving Car and Points.

Here is a simple activity in which a car and two points are made to move. This is good starting point for the observational skill which plays an important role in understanding a physical occurrence and its interpretation. A good observation leads to the gathering  of more information. More the information better its interpretation that leads to better understanding of the relations among the various factors. Then mathematical formulation will be easy and that formulation can be applied anywhere. Start your Observation by clicking on the button "move the Car" and take up the challenge given below.

A small Challenge for your Observational Skill

Without changing anything, estimate how the point A is moving while the car is moving.

Usually what I personally suggest is note down all the details like Objects and their controls that are present in the activity.

Write your answer(s) and verify whether you are right or wrong.

If you are not sure how to verify, please provide your feedback, comments or suggestions and I come up the detailed explanation, till then enjoy.